How did things from poor to GREAT?

So if you have followed me from the beginning up until now, you will know the Cimorelli’s had things good, poor, but GREAT was just some time away.

Dad decided to go it alone; a brave move, but one that has paid off BIG time.

Now dad trusted Mark, but a 2nd opinion from a neutral external party seemed like an intelligent thing to do by him. John – electrician Manchester – was a long-term friend of both dad and Mark, so he spoke to him about the proposition.

John looked at where Mark was in business, and where my dad was in life; it was a NO-BRAINER to get on board with him in business and so he joined forces with him.

All of sudden, things went from ‘poor to GREAT’, as dad was earning lots of money, was working, was happy, and so were myself and the family…you name it, and it was a win-win!

What changed?

After having to close his practice down – and seeing the success of his friend’s construction and plumbing companies – all dad knew is that living at friend’s house wasn’t a long-term option, so he had to do something, ANYTHING, to get back on his feet again and provide for his family.

His friend, Mark, offered him a job working for his construction company; now if you knew dad, he would usually turn his nose up at a job like this. BUT, he was desperate so he thought “yes, let’s do it; it can’t be worse than earning zero!”.

So dad started working for him and quickly picked-up on what it meant to do ‘labour’ work. He stuck at it and within 3 months, the Cimorelli’s were well on the up; dad was happier as he was earning money, but he also became very skilled.

Due to hard work dad had put in – and being childhood friends – Mark offered him the opportunity to become a partner in the company, and dad almost literally grabbed his hand off.

Where did it begin?

Back in March 2012, myself, my sister, my mum/mom/mother and my dad/father/old man had next to no money and were staying at one of my dad’s friend’s house. My dad, Paul, had had enough and decided he had to do something to get out of this situation.

Now, dad had friends that were in a much better financial position than him and fortunately, one of his friends, Mark, ran a successful construction company and always had time for him. It was a strange one for my dad – who was a fully qualified accountant, ran his own successful business and had always been in a position where money wasn’t an issue – to understand how Mark ran a very successful and profitable company basically “building things”.

In my dad’s eyes, Mark was a friend who messed about in school, left with no qualifications and somehow, ran a business that always had clients, and thought “how the hell does he do it?!”.

On another note, dad also had a friend who’s company were up there as some of the best plumbers Manchester had. Dad noticed a pattern – as simple as it may have been – that these guys running these businesses were in trades that people needed the work doing and that EVERYBODY has a roof, taps etc; the customers dad’s friend’s businesses had in abundance were people that needed the working doing all year round, whether they liked it or not.

Accountants are needed by business owners here and there – which is great if you are a big, well-know firm – but dad had his own modest practice and clients were few and far between. Something HAD to change.

What and why am I choosing to write about in the blog?

If you have landed on my new website and have read up to here, I am glad and happy that you have seen enough to merit reading on. The reason I setup this blog is so I can talk about my thoughts on the construction industry and how it has changed the Cimorelli family’s lives for the better. Without it, myself and my family would be broke, have no roof over our heads and have no food in our bellies. It has LITERALLY changed our lives.