How did things from poor to GREAT?

So if you have followed me from the beginning up until now, you will know the Cimorelli’s had things good, poor, but GREAT was just some time away.

Dad decided to go it alone; a brave move, but one that has paid off BIG time.

Now dad trusted Mark, but a 2nd opinion from a neutral external party seemed like an intelligent thing to do by him. John – electrician Manchester – was a long-term friend of both dad and Mark, so he spoke to him about the proposition.

John looked at where Mark was in business, and where my dad was in life; it was a NO-BRAINER to get on board with him in business and so he joined forces with him.

All of sudden, things went from ‘poor to GREAT’, as dad was earning lots of money, was working, was happy, and so were myself and the family…you name it, and it was a win-win!