What changed?

After having to close his practice down – and seeing the success of his friend’s construction and plumbing companies – all dad knew is that living at friend’s house wasn’t a long-term option, so he had to do something, ANYTHING, to get back on his feet again and provide for his family.

His friend, Mark, offered him a job working for his construction company; now if you knew dad, he would usually turn his nose up at a job like this. BUT, he was desperate so he thought “yes, let’s do it; it can’t be worse than earning zero!”.

So dad started working for him and quickly picked-up on what it meant to do ‘labour’ work. He stuck at it and within 3 months, the Cimorelli’s were well on the up; dad was happier as he was earning money, but he also became very skilled.

Due to hard work dad had put in – and being childhood friends – Mark offered him the opportunity to become a partner in the company, and dad almost literally grabbed his hand off.